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Here’s what you need to know about the vBit experience

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  • What does vBit’s IT Support service cover?
    We include all PC break/fix issues including all hardware and software concerns pertaining to workstations, servers, mobile devices, and networking.  Regular management meetings and preventative maintenance also are covered. Regular strategic meetings Unlimited break/fix helpdesk Server/Workstation/Printers/Network Equipment/Mobile Devices Preventative Maintenance & Updates Real-time network Logging/monitoring
  • What is billable outside of IT Support service?
    Time spent on something outside of break/fix can be billable, such as large projects. vBit will never perform any billable work without getting approval first.
  • Do you bill for on-site visits?
    We do not bill our IT support customers for support tickets that require on-site service.
  • Do you sell hardware and software?
    Yes, we are partnered with many popular hardware and software vendors. Please Contact Us to inquire about specific product availability or if you need a recommendation.
  • Do you only work with specific industries?
    No. vBit partners with companies in many industries including legal, retail, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment & engineering to name a few.
  • What sized clients do you work with?
    We work with clients who have 2 computers up to clients with 500 computers. vBit can build a solution to meet your requirements, regardless of size.
  • Does vBit do custom development work?
    Yes.  We have a team of developers that can build a custom solution, website or application to meet your project requirements. Please Contact Us to submit your project requirements.
  • How does your ticketing process work?
    Clients call or email our help desk.  For calls, a support technician creates a ticket and works with the client directly.  For emails, a ticket is created automatically and assigned to a support technician who then creates the path for resolution. All correspondence emailed in connection with that ticket is also saved to the history of the ticket.
  • Do you prioritize support tickets based on urgency?
    Yes.  Priority is determined by creation time and severity.  Severe issues that demand further urgency include internet shutdown, server failure, and network connectivity. In most cases, issues deemed urgent affect the large portion of the company environment. Any network issue or company-wide technology issue will get priority treatment and go to the top of the priority list.
  • What procedures are in place to prevent reccurring issues?
    Our system monitors customer devices and applies patches and updates automatically. Recurring and ongoing issues are monitored, tracked and flagged by our ticketing system. Our team members review these issues to ensure a permanent solution is in place.
  • How do you prevent data loss and how do you recover lost data?
    We advocate multiple backup solutions to eliminate single points of failure including both local and external backups. We utilize cloud backup solutions with multiple restore points to ensure full recovery in the event of environmental disaster. Data can be recovered and restored quickly from our cloud backup endpoints.
  • How do you determine if support issues require on-site service?
    All IT support issues are assessed by our team members and remote service is attempted to ensure the quickest possible resolution. On-site service can be needed if devices aren't responding on the network, or in the case hardware failures or emergencies affecting multiple users.
  • Do you administer preventative maintenance?
    Yes.  Workstations are monitored, updated and patched automatically following our custom maintenance policies. Networks, backups and anti-virus are monitored in real-time and alerts are generated when an issue presents itself that could become a problem.  Our team reviews and addresses these issues as they come up to ensure all systems remain operational.
  • Do you support phones?
    Yes. We can assist in procuring, implementing and supporting hosted voice solutions.
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